Building a Solid Reputation as a New Insurance Adjuster with Mark Hoversten

Mark Hoversten is an independent insurance adjuster based near Denver, Colorado whose primary focus is crop liability claims, large commercial loss claims, and high-end residential claims. His career initially began in 1992 after the destruction that followed Hurricane Andrew. Before becoming an insurance adjuster, he was the owner of a roofing company in central Iowa.

Mark joins me today to explain why it is critical to build a solid reputation as a new insurance adjuster, the challenges that many new adjusters may face throughout the course of their career, and the impact that turning down deployment opportunities may have on the future of your career as a new adjuster. He explains how learning how to handle a variety of claims can help you create a reputation as the “go-to person” for IA firms and carriers and the mindset that new adjusters need to develop to build a successful career in the industry. He also shares some of the challenges he has faced throughout his 26-years of experience in the field as well as how he juggles raising a family while being deployed for long periods of time.

“Your reputation in this business will precede you.” - Mark Hoversten

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