Catching Up with Jeremy Rettig

Jeremy Rettig is an independent insurance adjuster, real estate investor, and the founder of Adjusting to 6 Figures, a company dedicated to helping new independent insurance adjusters build a successful career through support and online education and training. He is passionate about helping new adjusters learn the skills they need to kick start their careers, improve their techniques, increase efficiency, and create the success they deserve in the industry.

Jeremy joins me today to share why he decided to start Adjusting to 6 Figures, how the concept was born, and how he’s been growing and expanding the company to help more adjusters learn the techniques and strategies they need to become successful in the field. He shares some of the challenges he has faced while scaling his business, why he decided to launch an online training platform instead of focusing on one-on-one training, and his perspective of competing with similar companies within the adjusting industry. He also explains how helping others learn and grow can impact your personal growth and development, his perspective on the future of IA companies, and why he believes many insurance companies prefer managed repair models instead of independent adjusting models.

“The only way to grow when you reach a plateau is by helping others grow.” - Jeremy Rettig

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