Checking Back in with Westin Vance Post Hurricane Harvey

Opportunities lie at any moment. It is especially crucial in the business of an independent adjuster. In November, I spoke with with Westin Vance about his experiences with natural disasters. Today, I’m chatting with him about his moments after Hurricane Harvey. Westin enlightens us about his dedication to helping those affected by Harvey and how the Texas Rebuild Program and living a healthy lifestyle support his unexpected career opportunities.

Aside from being a health and exercise enthusiast, Westin shares his must-have hacks for staying active while working as an independent adjuster. Working with a team of coworkers, Westin explains the necessity of supporting each other, living well, and committing to offering reliable service to skeptical homeowners.

“When you’re an indispensable and reliable adjuster, you never know where your opportunity will be the next time.” - Westin Vance

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