Developing People Skills in the Adjusting World with Brock Hargrove Part 1

Many new adjusters ask the question: “What’s the hardest part about working as an adjuster?” Some experienced adjusters may say that the hardest part of the job is leaving their families while others may have a difficult time overcoming the fear of climbing a ladder to inspect a homeowner’s roof, but my guest today shares a unique point of view on what he believes is the hardest part of the job.

Brock Hargrove has been working with our company for about five years as a daily claims adjuster. He handles many of our claims – from fire, wind, and water damage to liability investigations. He is also one of our top picks to send new adjusters to for their first few ride-along training sessions due to his vast knowledge and skill in handling a wide range of claims. In today’s episode, Brock shares his story of how he learned about the real estate adjusting industry, why he took the leap to become an independent adjuster, and an interesting story of a recent ride-along while training a new adjuster and how he turned that experience into a valuable lesson.

“The ‘people person’ part is the stuff you can’t teach.”

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