Developing People Skills in the Adjusting World with Brock Hargrove Part 2

In last week’s episode, I introduced you to Brock Hargrove, a 5-year independent insurance adjuster with Royal Adjusting Services. Over the years, Brock has not only handled many of our daily claims, but he has also helped train many of our top adjusters through our ride-along training program. He shared some of his insights on a few of the most common challenges that many new adjusters face when transitioning into the field.

On today’s episode, Brock shares how he manages to mesh his professional life as a daily claims adjuster and building company owner with his personal life. He shares tips, strategies, and tools he uses throughout his busy work day to keep his schedule straight, plan his workday each day, and stay on top of claim corrections and phone calls.

“You have to stay proactive in it. I think it’s the number one thing to keep up with everything you’ve got.” Brock Hargrove

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