From a Roofers Perspective with Russel Lawrenz

Russell Lawrenz is a HAAG Certified roof inspector with American Pride Roofing. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Media Studies, he began working with Allstate as a staff CAT adjuster. After working in the catastrophe insurance adjusting industry for over a decade, he decided to pivot his career and begin his journey as a roofer.

Russell joins me today to share his perspective on working as a staff CAT adjuster, the challenges he faced while trying to find a work-life balance, and why he decided to become a roof inspector. He shares the benefits and drawbacks of working as a staff CAT adjuster and how he transitioned from a steady salary-based income to more commission-based earnings. He also shares the tool he uses to calculate estimates, his perspective on why many roofers criticize Xactimate pricing, and explains the importance of homeowners being cautious while hiring a contract roofer.

“If the estimate is correct from the insurance carrier and the adjuster, and a roofer tells you he can’t work within those numbers, it’s just absolutely bogus.” - Russell Lawrenz

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