How to Avoid Flaming Out with Adam Gardner of Adjuster Pro Part 1

For many people, becoming a real estate insurance adjuster can often be a confusing process. Determining which licensing schools to attend and finding the right support systems to help you move your career forward is often one of the first – and most challenging – tasks that new adjusters face. What’s worse, statistics show that even once you find a school and obtain your license, about 90% of new adjusters “flame out” early in their career.

With me today is Adam Gardner, co-founder of Adjuster Pro, an insurance claims adjuster training facility based in Bedford, Texas and licensed to teach in numerous states, including Florida, North Carolina, New York, and Arkansas. Adam joins me today to share his story on how he got started as an insurance claims adjuster and what drove him to start – and build – the Adjuster Pro training school to what it is today. He shares his thoughts on why he believes many adjusters fail in the industry and what it truly takes to be successful in the adjusting industry.

I discovered that hard work, determination, and very long hours enabled me to become proficient – and more than proficient.” – Adam Gardner

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