Lessons From a New Adjuster with Anssi Viljanen

Prior to becoming an insurance adjuster, Anssi Viljanen worked in the solar energy industry and a limo driver for several years. After hearing about the devastation that impacted the Houston, Texas region, he decided to pivot his career to become an insurance adjuster.

On today’s episode, Anssi shares what it was like to get involved in Hurricane Harvey and how he encouraged his friends to become insurance adjusters despite their fears and uncertainty. He shares how he discovered the adjusting industry and what it was like to be a new adjuster in the industry during a massively devastating weather event. He also shares the valuable lessons he has learned throughout his journey, tips on being more productive while handling insurance claims, and the importance of new adjusters seeking mentors to help you through your first insurance claims.

“Relying on the infrastructure of mentors and helpers is really important.” - Anssi Viljanen

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