Pivoting from Painting Contractor to Insurance Adjuster with Jordan Cox

Jordan Cox is a 31-year-old former painting contractor who ran a successful painting company based in Greenwood, South Carolina for seven years. As he got older, he began to realize the hardship and stress that his career placed on his body and decided to pivot his career. He began working as an independent insurance adjuster shortly after Hurricane Irma devastated Florida in 2017.

Jordan joins me today to discuss what inspired him to pivot his career from being a successful painting company owner to becoming an independent insurance adjuster. He shares how he got started and how helping his father in the fix and flip real estate industry as a young boy helped him learn many of the skills he needed to become a successful insurance adjuster. He also shares what it was like to work his first claim, the importance of being able to make quick decisions, and the importance of being disciplined in managing your time and money.

“Making quick decisions is a key to this business.” - Jordan Cox

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