Property Appraising to Insurance Adjusting with Mark Koncz

Over the last 16 years, Mark Koncz has established himself as an expert in real estate appraisals throughout the Akron, Ohio region. He is the founder and owner of MJK Appraisals with an interest to transition into the insurance claim adjusting industry.

Mark joins me today to share his experience with working as a property appraiser and his desire to begin transitioning his company into the insurance adjusting industry. He shares what it was like to work his first claim during the destruction caused by Hurricane Irma, the challenges he faced, and how he overcame them. He also shares the similarities in workflow between property appraising and claim adjusting as well as the customer services skills you need to be successful in both fields.

“Between adjusting and appraisals, there’s a lot of crossover.” - Mark Koncz

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