The Insurance Adjusting Learning Curve in Hurricane Harvey with Westin Vance

Westin Vance, a 27-year-old, college graduate, who started law school. After a short time in law school, he made a decision to follow what he liked to do and pursued jujitsu full time. He saw an opportunity in getting his insurance adjusting license, and thought being an adjuster was too good to be true. He got his license a month before Harvey Slammed into Texas and was forced to apply all of the knowledge that he had, and then think outside of the box on top of that, to work effectively and do the best job he could.

On today’s episode, Westin shares his journey from law school to the adjusting industry and the challenges he has faced while being a new adjuster in the field during one of the most destructive hurricane seasons for North America. He also shares some of the mistakes he has made throughout his journey and the lessons he has learned from these mistakes.

“I need to take that time off ad take care of myself, but it is hard to do in the moment” - Westin Vance

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