What's It Like For a First Time Adjuster with Jimmy Sizemore

Jimmy Sizemore’s career as an independent insurance adjuster initially began during the destruction that followed Hurricane Harvey in the Fall of 2017. Using the skills and experience he gained from his previous career in the veterinary industry as well as connecting with other claim adjusters; he answered our “call to arms” to help assist the hundreds of thousands of homeowners that were devastated by the impact of the massive CAT-4 storm. His previous experience helped him develop the people skills he needed to communicate well with customers as well as the technical skills necessary to use various software programs and tools to close claims effectively and efficiently.

Jimmy joins me today to share his story on what it’s like to be a first-time insurance adjuster during a catastrophic weather event. He shares the challenges he faced while working in the field for the first time and the decisions he made when transitioning from a steady career environment to becoming an insurance adjuster. He also explains the importance of staying committed to becoming successful as an insurance adjuster, why being resourceful and developing solutions to overcome various obstacles is critical to your success, and the lessons he learned from the Help Room that impacted his performance while working in the field.

“It was an amazing decision - probably the best one I’ve made in my life.” Jimmy Sizemore

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